Our Online Gift Cards are GREAT for the Creative KIDS AND ADULTS in Your Life!  KIDS can use them for special One Day Painting Events, Camps, and even for Weekly After School Art Classes and ADULTS may use them for any of our Painting Classes or Events that are specifically for adults or include adults---Even an Adult/Child Combo Event such as a Daddy/Daughter, Mommy & Me, or Grandparent/Child painting events.

 (These Gift Cards may be used up to 1 year from the date of your purchase.  To use the gift card, your gift card recipient must go to our website or through the online link in one of our posts or ads to register for a specific class.   It is valid for any of our art classes in-person at our studio regardless of whether it is a public or private class event.  They can even continue to use it for multiple events until the gift card balance is zero

So pick one that fits YOUR budget between $25 - $200 and allow your gift recipient  to choose the classes. After your purchase, your gift card recipient receives an email (on the date YOU choose) with a special gift card redemption code to use when registering online for any of our art classes. They can even track their gift card balances 2 ways:  when they redeem a gift card, the balance value is shown on the order confirmation page and in the order confirmation email. They also receive a unique URL to track the gift card balance.  They may continue using their gift card until the balance reaches zero.)  

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Info Request for KIDS Art Classes

We're making plans for a variety of KIDS ART CLASSES -- some are current and some are coming soon!  But we really need YOUR feedback to see what could work for us.

If you are considering an art class for your child, would you take a few minutes to answer just a few questions for us?  

Basically, we are planning to offer this variety of choices IF we have enough interest in certain age groups for both:

IN-PERSON ART CLASSES at our studio 


We are also considering 



MOMMY & ME ART CLASSES for littles

Please answer a few quick questions so we can evaluate the needs of those interested and create a feasible plan to present to our community.  We'll make sure those who fill this out for us receive our specific list of class choices as soon as we finalize those.

Thank you for your help!

(After filling this form out completely, you may also email Susan at if you need to include more information than we have asked for here.)

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Creative Soul (Kids' Classes)
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(864) 285-6455

After School Art Class REGISTRATION for FALL Semester 2020

Creative Soul's After School Art Classes are taught by Artist & Owner, Susan Garrison.  

Students Love Working with an Artist in a Studio Setting!  Susan is a professional artist & a certified art teacher with over 2 decades of experience in public & private schools (grades K-12 Art & AP Art Courses & Specialized in Developing the Art Curriculum for each of those schools) before opening her own art studio in 2012.  

Instead of creating crafts, your Child will Learn About:  

  • Famous Artists & Art Styles
  • Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Visual Composition & 3D Skills
  • Creating with Imagination as well as from Observation
  • The Vocabulary & Elements of Art & Principles of Design
  • The Process, Skills & Advantages of Developing Plans in a Sketchbook 
  • Enjoying the Whole Creative Process & Not Just the End Result

Our After School Classes meet WEEKLY with projects that often take more than one class to finish, so students cannot drop in occasionally but need to be able to meet regularly.  We usually close when  Spartanburg D5 schools are closed for a holiday break or snow. 

(If your child can't meet weekly, watch our calendar for other kid events throughout the school year.)


1st-3rd Grades:  TUESDAYS  3:30-4:30 pm*  

4th-6th Grades:  WEDNESDAYS  3:30-4:30 pm*

7th-12th Grades:   (We currently do not have enough students for this class to meet.  Please let us know if you would like to be on a contact list for the possibility of this class later this school year or if you'd be interested in a LIVE Virtual Art Class for that age group.)

* We need a minimum of 4 students in each class & reserve the right to cancel or discontinue a class if we do not have enough students.  

Home School Art Classes:   Some school years we have enough interest to open up a class for Home School Classes that meet earlier in the day than our After School Classes.  Home School Students are always welcome to join our After School Classes for their specific age group as well. 

Mommy & Me classes:  We occasionally offer a Preschool Class for Moms to attend along with their Age 4-6 child.  Please watch our calendar for those or if we have a group of at least 4 interested in a once or twice per month class, we might be able to put that regularly into our calendar.  We'd love to hear from you if that fits your needs.

Please email Susan at if interested in a class that we do not have on our schedule yet.   


NEW STUDENTS (to our weekly after school program) will have their first class the last week in August.  Your child's very first class will be a special introductory class to experience our routines & learn about our expectations before he or she begins meeting with the rest of the group the following week.  During that first class, your child will even draw a little bit in his or her sketchbook we'll provide that day, too.  This will help your child feel more at home & transition smoothly into the class with others who've been attending our classes for a while.

RETURNING STUDENTS (who attended our after school program last school year) will begin art classes the first week of September. WELCOME BACK!!! I've missed you!

Our Non-Refundable REGISTRATION FEE is $20 per student; however, that fee drops to only $15 per student IF Registered by 8/20/19.  (Watch for an email from us after you register your child.)

*** I'll email you a special link before your child's first class with payment options for September.

ART CLASS PRICING:   $15 per class billed on a monthly basis.  We prefer a monthly payment to be made online before the 1st class of each month.   However, we do accept a check or cash at the studio at the 1st class of each month if you prefer to pay that way.  (If you need to make weekly or bi-weekly payments, please contact Susan to make arrangements in advance.)   If paying by credit or debit card, Please be sure to pay here online...ONLY Cash or Check payments are accepted at the studio during class since swiping credit cards takes too much time for Susan to be away from her class or her prep or clean up time between classes & events.      


Other than the initial 1 time Registration Fee for this school year, If you pay in advance for a class that your child cannot attend due to sickness or being out of town or another seriously unavoidable, unforeseen circumstance, we will try to work out a time slot for a make-up class or will forward that payment as a credit into the next month.

SUPPLIES?  All supplies are covered in the price including a sketchbook for each child.  We use a wide variety of materials including:  drawing pencils, charcoal, colored pencils, watercolor, acrylics, oil pastels, soft pastels & air dry clay.  


***OUR ONE-TIME NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE IS $15 PER CHILD (If paid by August 20th but $20 per child if paid AFTER August 20th) AND IS DUE with this COMPLETED ONLINE FORM BEFORE YOUR CHILD'S 1ST ART CLASS at our studio this school year.  After Susan receives your registration, she'll email you with info & a reservation link for your 1st classes.    (Please fill out a SEPARATE REGISTRATION form for each child.)  Our Registration form & fee must be completed HERE ONLINE even if you prefer to pay by check or cash for upcoming classes. 

We ask you to NOT come early to any class to provide us the necessary time to clean and set up before & between each class.  (Our doors will not be open prior to 10 min. before each class.  Please make sure
anyone bringing your child to class is aware of this policy so that they do not come early & stand in the heat outside.) 
We also ask parents try to practice safe social distances in our studio when dropping off and picking up children. 
Please remain in the lobby area unless Susan has invited you into the classroom space.  

We normally use 5' tables with 2 children at each table.  However, if you prefer your child to sit alone at a table (unless sitting with a family member), please indicate that in the comment section. 

Please do not bring your child to class if he or she has been running a fever in the previous 48 hours.   If your child has had cold symptoms such as sneezing, coughing or runny nose within 24 hours of our art class, please provide your child with a mask to wear during our class and notify me at least a few hours before class so that we can decide if we need to sit your child at a separate table with separate supplies.  

Otherwise, we will not be using shielded work stations nor requiring masks.  

We provide Hand Sanitizer as you Enter & Leave our Lobby.  We also provide soap at our sinks for messier clean-up.  If you have other concerns or questions, please let us know.

If you have any questions, Please email Susan at

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Creative Soul (Kids' Classes)
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Plan a Private Birthday Party for KIDS!

Looking for a Creative Birthday Party Option to Celebrate Your Child's Next Birthday?  We've Got It at Creative Soul Art Studio!

  • We Provide the Creative Place, Art Supplies, Teacher & Step-by-Step Instructions!  
  • You Provide Guests & Refreshments! (+Serving/Eating Supplies)
  • We’ll plan time to Create, Eat & Open Gifts!
  • We’ll even take photos of your event & share them with you on Facebook!

Be sure to Reserve a Date Early for our Best Available Dates---just fill out the online form below & pay a small non-refundable deposit of $25 online today!  Your deposit will be applied to the rest of your balance owed on the day of the party.

*If you need a date that is not in the options, please contact Susan at to request other dates.  We'll take a look at our calendar to see if we could add your requested date into the choices.  (We generally have birthday parties for kids on Saturday mornings, but sometimes we are able to offer a Saturday afternoon time slot instead or even a Friday afternoon or evening, so don't hesitate to check with us about a different possibility.)

Follow this Link to Take a Peek at Some of our Birthday Painting Samples:

We also create for you an online invitation link to your child's birthday party for you to send your guests.  This allows your guests to be aware of our drop off & pick up policies, permit or withhold permission for their child to be in party photos & to give us emergency contact info as well as rsvp. 

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Creative Soul (Kids' Classes)
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