Book Private Party at Paint the Towne Clifton Square

Paint the Towne (Clifton Square)
3700 E. Douglas, #90
Wichita, KS 67206

Party Options
Adult/Couples Painting

  • age 16 and up
  • minimum 10 painters or $250
  • $25 per painter
Teen Painting  
  • age 10-17
  • minimum 10 painters or $200
  • $20 per painter
  • not offered at 7 pm
Child Painting
  • age 5-15
  • minimum 6 painters
  • $15 per painter
  • not offered at 7 pm

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I have read and agree to the policies provided on the website and on this booking form. I am responsible for meeting the required minimums or paying the difference. I also understand that Child/Teen Parties cannot be booked in 7 pm time slots.
Deposit is refunded/transferred only if party is cancelled or rescheduled at least 10 days before scheduled date. The $25 deposit is applied to the party total at event.

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