Kids Birthday Party!

Need a unique, affordable and hassle free Birthday Party?  Have your kids birthday party in real live working art studio!
At COB51, we aren't just 'for show', we are actually a group of artist's here that create art, teach art and play with art! It's a place to get messy and have fun! 
We have held over 1000 Kid's Birthday Parties in 8 years!!! WOW,
*Book with a small deposit or pay in full for the base party and pay the day of for any additional guests! If you pay in full now you are paid for up to 8 guests and any additional guests will be charged the day  of the event.

Parties are 90 minutes and are held in our private party room with lots of room for food/drinks/cake and gifts! All parties include kids choice of music as we have a Bluetooth speaker.
All parties also include  a dedicated Fun Director for the art part of your party and the last 30 minutes are for you to enjoy your food/drinks, cake and gifts. 

We also offer a Deluxe Party option- 2 Large Pizzas, a 2 Liter drink of choice and all paper products for your party! You just bring the cake and kids and we do the rest!
We offer more choices than any other studio around, hands down at the BEST prices! 

****ALL parties include the cost of 8 kids, BUT WE CAN SEAT UP TO 30! ****
Each base price party includes 8 kids, but we can seat up to 20 and parties with more than 8 kids are per child over 8. 

  • Canvas Painting - $265 for 8 kids, then $25 per child over 8
  • Ceramic Painting - $275 for 8 kids, then $27 per child over 8
  • Wood Puzzles or 3D Characters-$285 for 8 kids, then $28 per child over- you choose the character, cartoon, video game or animal and we will custom cut a 3D piece for all the party guests! 
  • Teen Party- Ages 12 & Up. $300 for up to 10 total, then $28 per person over 10 people.
    • We treat them like  the mini adults they are by walking them step by step through the project of your choice just like an adult event! If they want to do wood or ceramic that's ok too! 
    • It's a 2 hour party and most of that time will be spent on the project itself, so food and cake should be 'finger food; they can snack on while creating! This party is variable in price depending on the options chosen. We are flexible on times, so just email us at to arrange.
  • Our Little Picasso Party is for ages 2-4 ONLY and Includes story time (you can provide us with a book or we can choose one together) and a craft project based on the book for only $200 for up to,8 and only $18 per child over 8.
  •  These parties can be between 60-90 Minutes depending on ages and needs

You can also choose to LET US BRING THE PARTY TO YOU!

Offsite at YOUR location! Backyards, parks, etc.  We travel anywhere, ask us for a special quote and book your art party today! Parties offsite are charged an additional $75 travel fee within 10 miles of 17331 and $5 per mile over
COB51 supplies all materials for one hour of art instruction. The  last 30 minutes  of the party is your time to serve food, have cake, open gifts, play games, etc. 
COB51 DOES NOT not supply food, drinks, cups, plates, or any other party supplies unless the deluxe package was  purchased. 
 Pre Stenciled canvases, wood 3d parties and any special orders are non-refundable and must be paid for on the day of the party. Any leftover projects are yours to keep but if you give us a headcount and we make that many projects, payment is expected for that number of guests. 


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