Day Camp (Summer, Spring Break & School Holidays)

Prosper Playhouse Day Camp

HALF DAY:  9 am-1 pm or 1 pm-5 pm ($150/week and sibling $100/week)
$35/day ($25/sibling)
FULL DAY: 9 am-5 pm ($300/week and sibling $225/week)
$60/day ($45/sibling)
*pick up later options available
Come take advantage of Prosper Playhouses Day camp which includes play time, music, coloring, activities, movies, *lunch is served at 1pm and can be opted in for both half or full day camps.  If enrolling for full day, you MUST buy your child a lunch.  No outside food or drinks are permitted outside of the water bottle required.  Snacks are already included and provided as part of camp registration in both morning and afternoon sessions.

Lunch options: Mac n' cheese, Chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, corn dog, uncrustable or pasta with or without red sauce and a bag of chips, water or apple juice and a cookie.  $6.50

Your child can also participate in a craft activity while with us! For just $15 they’ll get to build or paint or make a fun craft activity in our craft garden tea room! They’ll be proud of their masterpiece and be able to bring it home with them! The activity varies by day as it will be a surprise to them as well as you!!

Please don't forget your child's socks and water bottle for refills throughout the day!

Your child(ren) will get plenty of time to play in our large play structure with the option to have some downtime fun in our party room with music, coloring or other activities as well as movies and games! We schedule in some downtime at snack time and lunch time as well.
*We do shut down bookings 24 hours prior to camp day...we do offer drop in rates at the door, same day, though...if we have camp running that day and a camp host available!  It's only $48/session.

1. Child(ren) must be potty trained, or you will be called to pick up your child. no refunds will be provided.

2. Child(ren) must bring or purchase socks.

3. Child(ren) must wear their colored bracelet upon check in and are not allowed to leave without parent checkout and validation.

5. Your child(ren) must be pre-registered to get the special rate otherwise drop in price will apply.  We have limited spaces so if not pre-registered we cannot guarantee we can take a drop in based on staffing availability. 

6. Any behavior issues or bullying will not be tolerated, and you will be called to pick up your child.  No refunds provided.
7. No child above the age of 8 will be accepted in our summer camps.
* Full payment due at time of booking to reserve your camp session. Payments are non-refundable.  If we have 24 hours advanced notice, we may be able to help you reschedule to a different day, but no guarantee. 

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