Birthday Party

Party room near the ice surface for one and a half hours! Enjoy a warm and private room for your gathering or celebration. Free admission and skate rental for the entire public session for the honoree and 9 guests,  Additional guests are $7.50 per person.  Ice Chalet embroidered patch for the honoree, plus additional amenities. Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions, spectators may be asked to pay $5.50 to attend busy sessions because they are occupying a precious spot among our limited capacity, but we do not expect this to be necessary most of the time.  We'll do our best to help you and your guests have a great time! The non-refundable party fee must be paid in advance so that we can put your event on the calendar and reserve your room.   Base price is $160.18 plus 9.25% sales tax - $175.00.  There is also an online booking fee of $7-10 depending on the total cost.  No charge for phone booking: 865-588-1858.


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