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Whether you're celebrating a birthday or just wanting a separate space for your group to paint, our private room is a great option! The room comfortably sits ten adults or fifteen children. When you rent our private room you are allowed the option to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks. We provide everything needed for the painting experience, but it will be your responsibility to provide paper goods, utensils, etc. It is $45 to reserve the room for two hours and total ticket amount (paid at the end of your event) must be equal to $100 or more. This requirement is usually met with at least eight painters present.We have three pre-selected party options with set prices per package or you can choose to browse and select pottery from the main studio area. You will make this selection when reserving your event online. Our  Mighty Tots ($14 per painter) and Party Pals ($16 per painter) are pottery figurines with the Mighty Tots being smaller and the Party Pals being larger in size. Our Functional Pottery package ($18 per painter) lets guests choose between a plain mug, bowl or salad plate. If you choose to select pottery from the studio, it is $7 per painter plus the cost of the items chosen to paint. Our items start at $12 and go up from there.TIPS FOR A SMOOTH AND SUCCESSFUL EVENT:1. Limit the amount of time spent browsing pottery as this takes away from the time needed to complete your project.2. Do not eat and paint at the same time. Food and pottery do not get along. It is best to keep food away from any pottery and to wash hands before returning to your artwork.3. Please do not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes to allow time for previous parties to clean up.4. Please use inside voices as there will be other painters in the studio. No rough housing. It should be a fun, but calm experience.5. Children will be asked to return to the party room if they are found in the main studio area. Please help us to enforce this rule to avoid possible breakage of ceramics and to be respectful of other customers.6. No more than 5-6 non painters present (adults/other parents).


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