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Plan to Arrive 10-15 minutes early to check-in and get comfy before class begins...

Yoga for all ages & stages. Athena will work through basic poses & breathing exercises to calm, ground & connect. Bring your own mat or borrow…

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Class is included with cafe admission which is $10 for children at or over 9 months of age. Adults are not charged. Applicable charges will appear on your cafe tab which needs to be paid before departing.

READ CAREFULLY- Terms & Conditions

-A waiver must be completed for each infant & child I will be bringing with me to The Urban Chalkboard. Complete your waiver before arrival- PLAY WAIVER
-Cancellation- Call 317.815.5711 or Email booking@theurbanchalkboard.com to cancel your reservation
-Your cafe tab will reflect a $10 charge for each child at or over 9 months of age.< br/>

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