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Cheryl Wallace Soul Healing
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Live A Soulful Life - Your 60-minute, personal consultation is your time to nourish your soul and connect with its innate power to heal and transform your life. Learn how to identify, develop, and fulfill your soul's purpose to restore and elevate the meaning and significance of your life. ($200/session)

Receive Messages From Heaven - Your 45-minute, personal reading is your time to hear messages for you from the heavens.  Allow the heavens to unravel and clarify the mysteries of your life when you want to know what, why, and how to move your life forward.  Learn how to align your daily activities with your soul's purpose to harmonize your life. ($200/session)

Experience Soul Healing - Your 45-minute, personal healing session is your time to experience the power of soul healing. Embrace high-frequency energies from the heavens that will remove blockages, and accelerate the healing and transformation of your health, relationships, finances, business, career, intelligence, and more.  ($200/session)

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS:  You may book multiple sessions for one type of service only.  When you book 5 sessions, you will automatically receive a 10% discount for those services.

PERSONAL DISCOUNTS:  For those who book multiple sessions for more than one type of service, contact Cheryl directly.

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