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Secrets To Perfect Handmade Pizza - 04/12/2024

Secrets To Perfect Handmade Pizza
Friday 04/12/2024
1:30pm - 4:00pm
Hands-On | Tasting | Take-Home Pizza Dough
Instructor Richard Sinning
Adults 18+

Class Description:
Here’s a great opportunity to learn some authentic pizza-making skills. Experienced Instructor Richard Sinning is a pizza-making aficionado and professed foodie, and he's eager to teach his tried-and-true techniques to make delicious pizzas from scratch. Richard will cover all the pizza basics: flour, yeast, proper measuring techniques when making your fresh dough, how to handle it, thin versus thick crust, plus a discussion about fresh toppings and essential pizza-making equipment like peels, stones, and pizza ovens. He'll even tell you what other tasty treats can be made using your handmade pizza dough and review the various methods of cooking pizzas in home ovens as well as those fancy portable pizza ovens. (He’ll bring his to show you how that works!)  He’ll also walk you through an incredibly simple sauce recipe that’s loaded with pizza-licious flavor. This one will have you kicking those store-bought jars and crusts to the curb. In addition, you’ll learn the correct way to use and apply the sauce so that you won’t end up with soggy pizza. Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to put on your pizza apron and get to work as you whip up your own batch of pizza dough that you’ll take home to bake and show off for your family. Yes, there will be tastings, and, yes, you’ll take home all the recipes and fresh pizza dough. Fuggedabboudit!


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