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Chocolates 2: Coloring and Filling Chocolate Truffles

In this 2 hour class, you will learn how to use cocoa butter to color your chocolates and you will learn about options for filling your truffles. We recommend attending Chocolates 1: Making Chocolates Snap and Shine to get the most out of this class.  Cocoa butter is what Chef Mark uses to create the artistic designs on his chocolates. It is also used to make transfer sheets that allow you print a uniform design across chocolates. 

  • Chef Mark will demonstrate how to do free-hand cocoa-butter painting, air-brush cocoa-butter painting, and cocoa-butter transfer sheets. 
  • Chef Mark will provide an overview on creating inclusions for your chocolate truffles and will demonstrate how to make a chocolate ganache, and one technique on flavoring the ganache. 
  • You will have the opportunity to try out free-hand cocoa-butter painting.  
  • Bring home with you up to 12 chocolate pieces created in the class. 

Level 2 class: We recommend you attend Chocolates 1: Making Chocolates Snap and Shine (Tempering) before coming to this class. We won't cover Chocolate Tempering again here but it is an important technique for making the filled chocolate truffles. 

We will have hot coffee and tea, and cold water available, but feel free to bring other nonalcoholic beverages with you. 


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