Urban Sketching 8 Week Course Spring 2024

Ages: 15 and older
Date: Thursdays 3/28 - 5/16
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Cost: $165
Location: Rumriver Art Center (south studio suite 102)
Teacher: Tom Pace

Welcome to Urban Sketching, where we will see the world around us in a different way – Just you and a sketchbook. 
Can’t draw a straight line? No worries. Urban Sketching is about the informality of it. Urban Sketching is different from Studio drawing. It’s more about your connection with the environment that you’re in at a certain time and place. You will learn to capture the essence of your experience with the use of spontaneous lines and color. We will go over the types of supplies you may want to purchase. We will learn about perspective in your drawings and even a little bit of color theory. You will record your experiences in your own journals to immerse yourself in the moment to better experience the excitement of what you saw.
Weather permitting, we will get outside and do sketching from life. At the end of each session we will share our work with one another and experience one another’s unique visions. This class is geared for older kids and adults. Make it a family event!


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