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424 Main Street, Chatham, NJ 07928

Plaster Painting Birthday Party Package $349 - up to the first 10 people.  With our Plaster Painting Party, your child and their guests will be able to choose from hundreds of items to paint!  When they're done painting, they can choose either a shiny or sparkly finish on their pieces and each child will take their piece home with them at the end

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Please select options that you may be interested in for your party, you can add more or remove them altogether, but this helps us make sure we have enough in stock. These items will not be charged until the day of the party.

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Terms and Conditions

Children’s parties are restricted to ages 6 and up to 17.

Children's birthday parties at the studio are on a drop off basis. Please greet parents dropping off at our front door whenever possible. Parents of guests attending the party cannot remain on the premises during the party. The drop off parking zone is on Van Doren Avenue just past our parking lot to the corner of Martin Place. You will see a traffic sign by the wooden fence at the beginning of the designated drop off zone. Our private parking lot is for customers who will be painting and cannot accommodate parking for parents that wish to stay in the local area during the party

Please arrive at our studio no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your party start time and ask guests to arrive no sooner than the start time. Your party time slot is 90 minutes total, which includes 1 hour for your guests to arrive, pick their item, settle in and paint, and 30 minutes for eating pizza (if purchased) and dessert (if applicable). LATE ARRIVALS
Your party will begin promptly at the party start time. Any late arriving guests will have to “catch up”. No painting can begin once the painting timeframe has ended (an hour after the start time).

We have a parking lot for customers who will be painting and cannot accommodate parking for guest parents that wish to stay in the local area during the party.

For parties with guests below the age of 6 that need to stay, we ask that only one guest's parent remains in addition to the party child's parents. Parents are welcome to sit and paint in the studio. There are also great restaurants, shops and cafes on Main Street and throughout the borough of Chatham as well. They can go right across the street to the bagel shop or the pizzeria and there's even a nail salon for those of us who always want to have the time for a manicure!

Non-participating guests cannot linger by the party area or on the premises. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests understand it is a drop off party.

We will do our best to accommodate special circumstances that would require a guest's parent to stay. Please ask for a written waiver from us prior to your party for each guest that has a special condition that requires them to stay.

Party time slots are firm and parties may be scheduled before and after your party. Additional time can be added to the party for $30 per additional 15 minutes in advance for a maximum time of 30 minutes (subject to availability and not available for final time slots).

No outside food or drinks are allowed in the studio with the exception of beer and wine for adult special events and parties that specify byob.

No outside paper goods are allowed on the premises. This includes cups, plates, napkins, etc.

Allergy requirements - Please let us know if there are any special dietary restrictions needed for your party. We can arrange for a gluten-free pizza by special order.

No sales discounts, coupons or promotions will be applicable to parties unless the promotion is specifically for parties.

We will send you an automated reminder email 7 days before your party where you will confirm total guest count and totals for food and/or beverages. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder. If you still don't see it there, please send us an email at with your totals. ____Total Guests ____Total Pizzas ____Total Water ____Total Juice ____Total Cupcakes We will confirm your totals with a reply email. If you do not receive the reply confirmation, please call us at 973-635-4321.

All paints used by your guests are water based and certified non-toxic. Colorful fabric aprons will be provided for all guests, but acrylic paint WILL STAIN CLOTHING if the paint seeps through the apron or gets on clothing not covered by the apron or by an accidental spill, etc. Please ask guests to dress accordingly to avoid any disappointments.

If your party is a plaster painting party, your guests will leave with their item right from the party! No waiting and no having to return to pick up. If your item is a pottery painting party, all items will be packed together for you to pick up and distribute to your guests no sooner than 8 days after your party. Host parents must pick up all items; we do not allow individual guests to pick up their items. Please bring your receipt when picking up as we will not be able to release your items without the receipt.

Party fee and/or Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and due at the time of booking. The party fee and/or Deposit will be deducted from the balance on the day of your party.

Full payment will be due and payable at the completion of your party and must be paid in full in a single transaction. If you are purchasing a party pack, payment is due when you pick up your party pack. You will be charged the full price of your party the day of the event, plus a 15% gratuity for the entire total including the party fee and applicable sales taxes. Gratuity will not only cover the host and cleanup staff, but the staff that prepared everything for your party and administrative costs.

If you cancel your party more than 21 days from your party date, you will have the choice to re-book another party (see RESCHEDULING below) or we will issue a store credit for the amount of the party fee.

If you cancel with less than 21 days from your party and choose not to reschedule, you will forfeit your party fee and have no store credit.

If you cancel with less than 10 days notice, you are responsible for the full party price (non refundable party fee, remaining party package balance, full cost of any special items ordered and/or purchased by Ready to Paint on your behalf).

RESCHEDULING You can reschedule more than 21 days of your designated party timeframe for a $25 rescheduling fee. All rescheduling requests MUST be made in writing via email to more than 21 days of your designated party timeframe - no phone calls please, no exceptions. Rescheduling is subject to availability.

ITEM SELECTION, PRICE DIFFERENCES AND AVAILABILITY For plaster painting parties, guests will be able to choose from any item in the group of items that are included in your party package. If your guests choose an item at a higher price than what is included, you will be responsible for the difference from the included item price to the price of the piece they selected. If you would like a specific item for everyone to paint at your party, please let us know PRIOR to booking your party and we will do our best to arrange to have the items available. If the item is not available for your party, the party will proceed as a regular party, so please do not book until you have received written confirmation from us that the item will be available in the quantities that you’d like.

Please do not bring outside decorations - this includes balloons. Your table will have balloons and our paint holders, brushes, bright colored aprons, etc., so it will be artsy cool, colorful and happy and there will be no room for additional items during the painting session and no time to add items in between the painting and the food segment of the party. Each painting birthday party guest will receive a balloon tied to their bag when they leave. No balloon bouquets are permitted within the studio and individual balloons that will be tied to the bags must NOT BE HANDED OUT DURING THE PARTY. Balloons cannot be individually tied to chairs. Absolutely NO CONFETTI OR PIÑATAS allowed in the studio! Any confetti or piñata will incur a $50 cleanup fee – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Absolutely NO horns, noisemakers, whistles, blowers or any kind of accessory that will create loud sounds will be allowed on the premises. Our studio is an open studio, which means there are other people that will be painting as well and are entitled to a stress free experience. In addition to that, the property behind our studio is a residential home and we value our neighbors' right to peace and quiet. GOODY, LOOT OR FAVOR BAGS
Any goody, loot or favor bag MUST BE HANDED OUT as the party guest is LEAVING the party. NO bouncy balls or Frisbees, as you are liable for any breakage caused by your guests. Typically children are happy with their item and leave with it as their party favor.

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