Silversmithing Class: Make a Silver Ring

Learn the basics of silversmithing: Materials, how to properly use a torch, safety, chemicals and neutralizers, soldering and more! Put it all together and take home a ring or pendant you make yourself! Instructor: Summer Joy Holladayplease note: class fees are non refundable if you cancel less than 24 hours prior. We also need 4 people for the class to make.Things to Know from the Instructor
1. Avoid wearing anything with loose sleeves. We will be working with torches! Also, my recommended attire for safety is full length pants and close-toed shoes - make sure jeans cover the top of the shoes.
2. Be sure that your hair is pulled back. Again...torches! And also the rotary tool. I may or may not have gotten my waist-length hair wrapped up in a Dremel in the past...
3. If you need reading glasses while reading, I would recommend bringing a pair.
4. Face coverings are optional. We will be using flux and diluted sodium bisulphate. Our space will be well-aerated, but I want you to be aware of these. Don't let these intimidate you - this is comparable to learning how to cook or learning how to sew. They are just new tools. Knowledge is power. :)
5.  I will have a small selection of stones in various colors for you to choose from.
6. Snacks and beverages are okay.
7. Health waiver will be signed upon arrival.


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