Class Cooking Adult (18+)

4/4/24 Turtles, Terrapins and Caramel Macchiato Bites $65

Be prepared for a trio of candy goodness! Crunchy pecans, chewy homemade caramel and chocolate that melts in your mouth form a traditional turtle.  We will make these, but take this classic candy up a notch and also create Terrapins and Caramel Macchiato bites!  A Terrapin is all the yumminess of a turtle, plus an additional layer of homemade soft, springy marshmallow.  Plus, if you’re a fan of a caramel macchiato beverage, this treat is a spin-off of that delicious flavor combination. Chocolate covered espresso beans and homemade caramel that is topped with chocolate. Oh, so yummy! $65


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