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Your Weekend Playtime Party will take place during Open Play hours.  You will have the Party Room all to yourselves, and share the playground with Open Play customers.  Want a WEEKDAY Playtime Party?  Call us for Weekday Playtime Party availability…

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Party Rental Agreement

All party renters and their guests must comply with all of the policies and procedures of Chibis, Inc., a Virginia corporation (D/B/A Chibis Indoor Playground – “Chibis”), as set forth herein and posted in the facility. The policies, procedures and agreement may be amended at Chibis’ sole discretion. 1. Deposit. Any rental of the space for a party must leave an advance non-refundable deposit ($50 for Playtime Parties; $150.00 for Private Parties; $200.00 for Platinum Parties) to securely hold the desired date. The balance of the party (including all additional guest charges and “extras”, taxes and fees) must be paid in full at the end of the scheduled party time. If the party goes over the scheduled rental time the client will be charged for the additional time at $125.00 per half hour without pro-rating. 2. Damage and cleaning. Any excessive damage done to Chibis’ facility or property shall be billed to the client for either replacement or repair. A. Any excessive mess (at the determination of the staff) done by children or adults resulting in extra cleaning of Chibis and its property shall be charged an additional cleaning fee of $150.00, which is not refundable. B. Any additional damage to the facility and its contents/property shall be charged accordingly. C. While Chibis cleans and sanitizes its toys, property, and bathrooms on a daily basis, all guests must insure that they dispose of waste materials such as diapers, paper towels and trash in the correct receptacles provided by Chibis. 3. Personal Property. Chibis is not responsible for the clients’ or their guests’ personal property. It is the sole responsibility of each person entering the facility to be responsible for all belongings unless otherwise pre-arranged with the Chibis staff. Under no circumstances will Chibis take responsibility for any lost, missing or stolen property personal or otherwise. 4. Safety. Parents of children of the invited guest are completely responsible for the well being and behavior of their minor while on the premises of Chibis. 5. Food. Parents or guardians of children must not allow any food to be brought into the playground or toy areas at any time. All food and beverages must remain in the designated eating areas as set forth in the signed contract. 6. Conduct. Any child or adult not following Chibis’ Rules found to be destructive and/or abusive to the facility will be asked to leave the premises. No refunds will be given. 7. Cancellations. Any cancellation within 14 days of scheduled party date will result in client being charged the FULL COST of the party.

Playtime Party Contract Details

1) Playtime Parties takes place during Open Play hours, with other Open Play customers. This is not a private party. All Open Play rules and regulations apply in the playground. 2) Base price of a Playtime Party (before any discounts): weekday $150; weekend $195. Party Base Price covers up to 10 children, or "party guests". Any child associated with your party group that is between the ages of 1 and 8 years old will be counted as a “party guest”. Additional "party guests" are $12 each, up to a max. of 20 "party guests".  Total number of people with the party group (children, siblings and adults) cannot exceed 40 people.   The only exceptions are infants that will be secured in a sling or car seat for a majority of your party time.  Anyone aged 9 and over is considered an “adult” and will not be included in the "party guest" count, but they will count towards your total number of people with your party group. 3) A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a Playtime Party date/time.  No refunds or credits if party is cancelled. Party date can be moved if needed based on availability. 4) Final minimum base price of party (not less than $150 weekday or $195 weekend) will be set when final total guest count (adults and children) and any additional food orders are given (5) day prior to party.  On the day of the party, if total "party guest" count is different from the previously set "party guest" count, customer will be charged accordingly to cover the accurate number of "party guests" (not less than $150 weekday or $195 weekend for up to 10 kids) as stated in the party price breakdown. 5) Before the Playtime Party commences, the party host will be required to sign a Party Waiver and Rules Agreement. 6) All children ages 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult and a waiver must be completed to include their names, ages and the name and signature of the responsible adult. 7) You may bring: Cake and/or cupcakes only - no other outside food or drink is allowed; Chibis can provide soda, pizza and snacks for an additional charge; guests may also purchase drinks or snacks from the snack bar and consume them in the snack bar seating area and party room.  For health and safety reasons, we require that all cake and additional party food remain and be consumed in the Party Room. 8) If total number of people with the party exceeds (40) people (adults & kids combined) on the day of your party, there will be a $15 charge for each adult (anyone age 9 and over) that exceeds the (40) person limit. If total number of people with the party exceeds (100) people (adults & kids combined) on the day of your party, we will have to restrict entrance to some of your guests in order to abide by our legal capacity limit. 9) 6% sales tax will be added to the final cost of the party. Gratuity is not compulsory and is not included in the cost of the party, but it is most certainly welcome!

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