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Cheap Skate
3075 Coon Rapids Blvd. , Coon Rapids, MN

Buy your tickets in advance to guarantee your admission

Sunday, July 23rd, 8pm - 12am / Cheap Skate - Coon Rapids

Admission is $15 in advance / $18 at the door
Ages 21+ (No Exceptions)

*Everyone pays admission to enter*
Extras available:
Roller Skate or In-line (Rollerblade) Rental - $5The Fine Print: 

  • This pre-sale ticket guarantees your admission. 

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Skate trainers (walkers) are not available for rental during this event.

Policies and Disclaimers (Please read)

Skate at your own risk! Roller skating is a participation sport. There are certain risks which are associated with the sport of roller skating. When skating, you may fall for many different reasons. You can fall when you make contact with another skater or lose your balance due to your own or someone else’s inability to skate. Because of the normal risk of roller skating and maintaining one’s balance, you realize that when you roller skate you are assuming such risks. We are not responsible for any injuries which we cannot control due to impulse or spontaneous actions of a person who may cause you to fall. Every effort is maintained to keep skaters orderly and provide safety within our control.

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