Private PartyLock-in/Sleepover Event: up to 75 people

You will have the facility to yourself, without any public interference.  Your party will begin at 7:00pm and will be an overnight, sleepover event which will not end until 7am.  The facility will not allow outsiders after check-in.  Your children will be in the care of by you as the parents, you are welcome to invite additional parents to stay with you for help.  We will have a staff member there to help and make sure everyone remains safe.  Once checked in, no-one is allowed outside.  If a child isn't staying the entire night, they may be picked up by 10:30pm but anyone staying past 10:30 will not be allowed to leave until 7am.  The children that will be going home at 10:30 will wear a bracelet upon check-in.  Parents will be charged $15 for every 15 minutes they are late to picking up.  We round up (ex: late by 4 minutes, your charge is $15) We ask all children staying the duration of the night bring their sleeping bag, pillow, security blanket etc. and a change of clothes just in case!  If there is a one-off situation and a child cannot make the entire night due to unforeseen circumstances (accident, scared, homesick, etc) we will call the parent to pickup; the parent must show up with state issued Id.

You can select a simple sleepover/Lock-in or you can opt into activities and cakes and other items we can run for you!
The Playhouse does provide popcorn as the included party-snack food item with all party selections...everything else is optional to the right!

Chaperones are required unless you select the 'no chaperone' party selection in which the Playhouse will supply all chaperones with our staff.

A deposit of 50% is due today at booking, the remaining balance will be collected at the end of your party to cover any other items purchased or opted into.


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