Clay Hand Building To-Go! Kits

Clay Hand Building Kits To-Go have everything you need to create your own Art piece. Use all your senses while building with your hands and expand your mind.  This activity is the next best thing to therapy.   Here's what you need to do:

1.  You select your Project and your pickup day and time.

2.  We'll pack it up with instructions and supplies including your colors to create a beautiful masterpiece right at home.

3.  Follow your instructions in your kit or watch a video on youtube if available.

4.  We'll meet you at the back door when you call us upon arrival for your pickup!

All supplies are included.


Gnome Buddy:

Gnome Tree:  

Gnome / Fairy House:

Gnome / Fairy Accessories:

Gnome Garden Stakes:

Stamped Clay Dishes:

Clay Dishes with Flower:

Clay Mugs for Beginners:

Clay Hand Built Jewelry Stand:

Cone Tree: 

Stamped Pumpkins:

Pour Over Coffee Maker:

Dragonfly Lantern:


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