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We love handprint art! Come to PepperJacks on one of our clay impression days to get your little one(s) hands in some clay. Everything is set up for when you get here, we get your handprints done, and we take care of the rest. Super quick and easy; the intial process takes under 30 minutes! Here are the options we have available (listed below)!

Plain Handprint Ornament - $30
Double Handprint Plaque -$45
Heart Feet Plaque - $45
Love Plaque - $50

Best for ages newborn - 3yrs, but all ages are welcome!

How it works:
We have dedicated days for handprint impressions (dates listed below) and you can walk in anytime during those hours to have your prints done! When you arrive, you will choose what items you would like to order with the help of our lovely instructors. They will prep the clay for impressions and we will get those hands (or feet) in some clay. Once we get all the prints you would like, we will take care of the rest! This includes the painting & firing. It will take about a month to get your pieces back to you and we will send a text when they are ready.

Upcoming Clay Impression Dates & Times:
April 14 from 11am-6pm
April 21 from 11am-6pm
May 12 from 11am-6pm

If you have a specific clay impression idea, send us an email at and we can get you a price quote! Please let us know if you have any questions!


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