Learn to Skate, 4 Week Challenge, Feburary 2023

We offer a Learn to Skate Program.  The program lasts for 4 weeks.  Students arrive at 12:45 pm to lace up their skates for lessons.  Lessons begin at 1:00pm until 1:20 pm, and you may skate the session, 1:30  - 3:30 pm to practice your skills.  

1. Learn balance, moving the feet, and getting up from a fall.

2. Scissor method of stroking and skating through an obstacle course.

3. Learn to stroke and coast; tuck in a cannonball.  Learning to do the Limbo.

4. Focus on stopping on skates. Introduce the T stop as well as the toe stop.

We believe skating for 4 weeks consistently will create self-confidence on roller skates.  Once self-confidence is achieved, the sky is the limit.

$85.00 covers your lesson, skate rental, skate mate if needed, and admission for the following 1:30-3:30pm session.  Participating in the session helps to reinforce the skills learned in the class. We limit class size to 10 students.


Sky-Vue Skateland

Sky-Vue Skateland

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Sky-Vue Skateland

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