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Christmas Flamingos Mommy & Me Painting Class

Art Bend's Mommy & Me Paint Party: Paint Festive Flamingos! 🦩❄️ Welcome, art enthusiasts! Gear up for a delightful escapade at Art Bend with our Mommy & Me Paint Party Class - Festive Flamingos. Here's a brief outline:

What Lies Ahead? 🎈

Unleash Creativity:
Dive into a spectrum of colors and textures along with your child.

Quality Bonding: A unique opportunity to connect and create masterpieces with your little ones.
A Place for Everyone: Kids of all ages are welcome to be a part of this beautiful journey.

We've Got Everything You Need! ✨

Art Supplies Ready: We're equipped with all necessary painting tools. Join us to paint a charming winter scene featuring Mom Flamingo and Child Flamingo dawning Santa hats, staring at each other filled with love. Make a cherished memory that will last forever. See you there! 🖌️💖
Tickets are limited and  seats fill fast, get yours today!


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