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Welcome to the Prosper Playhouse & Boutique Kids Vendor PopUp

Setup begins at 8am and tear down at 10:45am
Please no early teardown unless we all decide as a group or there is prior approval.

You are registering for the event and selecting your tables below.  We provide the'll provide your own table cloth if necessary.  We don't allow set up prior to 8am or after 8:30am..  please be on time.   If you are a kid vendor, one parent must stay with you during the duration of this event.

We can never guarantee how many people we will get through the doors.  
We do try very hard in blasting this event monthly, out to all locals, semi-locals, businesses, friends, family and all social media vehicles.  We ask if you are participating that you also do the same for your child's business or service.  There will likely be birthday parties taking place as well as public open play, so sometimes you will get large crowds and sometimes not!

The picture above is the map of our event space.  We are open to the public still so the spaces are limited.  You pick the number space/table you would like to have but we do reserve the right to move these around a bit to cater to everyone the best we can.

1. Wi-Fi is included free of charge
2. There are no power options at these tables.
3. All vendor parking must be beside buildings are not allowed to park out front or beside our building number 5 as we need these reserved for our customers to shop us!  
4. Prosper Playhouse is kid friendly, please remember this and do not bring snacks or little toys to hand out for the kids that they will take into the structure!
5. No Outside food or drinks are allowed in this new format as we are open to the public and this is not allowed.  Our cafe is open at all times though!

We will follow-up with Text and Emails after signup so please be sure to list those accurately on this registration. 

This is as much a networking event as a sales event--we are all friendly, amazing entrepreneurs and all out to have fun and make money.  That being said, there may be other like vendors at these events and that is ok, we all bring different clientele to shop one another...we will be sure though that we do not have two identical vendors at one show though (for example: we will not allow two mary kay reps etc).

Our Vendor Manager/Event Coordinator for this event is Amber as she is our General Manager at the Playhouse.


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