Mastering Basic Hard Cheese

During this class we will teach all the techniques and skills needed to master hard cheeses. The class will cover affinage, rinds, flavoring, storing and most importantly, what cheeses we can truly replicate at home.  Class is $200.00 per person.

 At the end of the class, you will take home your pressed cheese curds to finish the pressing in the included basic home cheese press.  Once home, enjoy watching curds become cheese! Your cheese will be ready to eat as early as 1 day or allow it to ripen, age and develop more mature flavor in 4 days or even a couple of weeks! As with all home cheese making, the possibilities are endless with inclusions and flavorings!

 Each student will work alone and make their own cheese.  If you would like to bring a station partner, station partners are an additional $125.00. Each station takes home one cheese, one press and  one pack of ingredients.

We always offer additional ingredients and full kit options to purchase after class.  In addition, our sought after honey will be available for this class!

 As always, all classes are BYOB and we will sample some wonderful examples of well made, hard cheeses. 


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