All organizations requesting a donation must fill out this form and have a 501-c3 status with a Tax ID. All school requests must be in a school system within 30 miles of The Bee's Knees. We only donate a gift certificate and/or an art piece for events in which you are holding a silent auction or raffle to raise money for organizations that support the betterment of Children and Families. Due to the amount of requests we receive, donations for research will not be honored.

We accept donation request on the schedule shown on the calendar below. Choose a Donation Selection time slot that fits into your timeline for your event. It is not a pickup date.  It is the date a decision will be made.  You will be contacted directly with a phone call, if we will be donating to your group.

Please allow 3 weeks for response for acceptance of your request.  Again-if accepted, you will receive a phone call for available pickup date of items.


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