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Virtual Cocktails: Discovering Amaro

Join spirits expert, Christophe Bakunas, for a special virtual cocktail class exploring the world of Amaro! Amaro is an herbalized spirit that has its origins as far back as Roman times. By the 19th century, many Italian families were producing myriad amari (that’s plural for amaro) using herbs that were found in local habitats. Many aimed their recipes as medicinals, and later became common consumption as a digestif at the end of dinner. Today, in the modern cocktail application, amari’s range is so deep and vast that we use them interchangeably as apperitifs, digestifs and most importantly as high-quality components to cocktails. Let’s virtually walk through the last 2000 years of amari together!


  • Tasting Flight of Three Varieties of Amari including Don Ciccio Carciofo Amaro, Fred Jerbis Amaro and Fernet Branca Amaro*
  • Negroni Cocktail
  • The Paper Plane Cocktail

Skills covered in class:

  • Cocktail components and flavor dynamics
  • Jiggering
  • Must-have bar ingredients
  • Bar lingo
  • Presentation
  • Garnishes
  • Selecting appropriate glassware

* If you would like to purchase just one Amaro for this virtual class, Christophe recommends the Don Ciccio Carciofo, which will be delicious for the two cocktails being prepared during class.

You can choose to join this cocktail class virtually from the comfort of your own home where you'll be able to see and hear the instructor and ask your questions via the chat feature in Zoom. Or, experience this hands-on class in person in our state-of-the-art kitchen at the Merchandise Mart: Sign up here. Stir and shake the cocktails as you enjoy noshes and a delightful evening expanding your spirits knowledge. Ask your questions of the instructor yourself during this interactive class.

Upon registration, you’ll receive the recipes and equipment list. You have the option to make the cocktails of your choice before class, with Christophe during class, or after class. It’s your happy hour!

Our virtual cocktail classes, via Zoom, are a fun opportunity to watch your spirits expert in action. Our Zoom moderator will make sure your questions submitted through the chat option are answered during or after class. 

Got questions about our virtual classes? Check out our FAQs.


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