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Mommy & Me Painting Class - Beary Winter

Art Bend Presents - Mommy & Me Painting Class: Beary Winter!Embrace winter's magic in a flurry of creativity and warm bonding at Art Bend's special Mommy & Me Painting Class - Beary Winter! This unique painting class provides an adorable platform for you and your child to create art and galore of beautiful memories together.

Nurturing Bond and Creativity

Here's why this is the perfect event for you and your mini-me:

  • Masterpiece Making: Your child can dive into their inner artist and express their creativity to the fullest while painting an enchanting 'Beary Winter' themed painting.
  • Step-by-step Guidance: Fear not! Our experienced instructor will guide you both through every stroke and color choice, making sure you work together to create a winter wonderland perfectly befitting your style.
  • All Supplies Provided: We're taking care of all the messy details! All painting supplies needed, such as canvases, different hues of paint, brushes, aprons, and more, are included in the class.
  • Learning And Fun: This event isn't just about painting, it's about instilling a love for creativity, learning, and fun in your child's heart!
  • Memories that Last Longer than WinterTrust us, the masterpiece you create will adorn your living room, and the memories you make will warm your heart even when winter is long gone.

Don't miss out on this winter festivity! Sign up today and get ready for a flurry of fun, art, and connection at the Mommy & Me Painting Class - Beary Winter at Art Bend.


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