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With several price points and time frames to choose from, a Chibis Membership is sure to fit your lifestyle.  A membership also provides value over drop-in open play admission and makes a fantastic gift!  You can play together in any weather ANY TIME YOU…

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MEMBERSHIP POLICIES: Chibis accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover & cash as forms of payment for memberships. Chibis does not accept gift cards, vouchers, or coupons as a form of payment for memberships. Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Memberships may not be cancelled for any reason. Each membership will be issued three membership cards which can be given to various adults that may bring the child(ren) to Chibis. As long as the approved caregiver brings the membership card to Chibis, there is no need to tell us who will bring your kids before their visit. Multiple children on one membership must be siblings – members of the same family. Memberships offer the following discounts: $15 off Daytime Playtime Parties*; $25 off Private Parties*; $50 off Platinum Parties*; Discounts on Ticketed Events (* Membership must be active on the date of the party for discount to apply). Memberships can be activated anytime within 6 months of the purchase date. Memberships spanning multiple months must be consecutive, meaning you cannot skip a month and extend the membership beyond the purchased time. Months cannot be skipped – ex: A 3 month membership activated on 3/15/2016 would expire on 6/15/2016 and will run for the entire 3 months. The payment for any membership that is not activated within 6 months of the purchase date will be forfeit and the membership will not be valid for use. Purchasing a membership secures your selected membership option with a unique receipt code which is sent to you (the purchaser) via email. For personal memberships: Present that code at Chibis when you are ready to activate your membership. For gift memberships: The code can be given to the recipient (or mailed per your request) and they can activate it within 6 months of the purchase date. This activation process works for both personal memberships and for memberships purchased as gifts for someone special. Members can stay as long as they like during our regular Open Play hours, and can also visit multiple times per day, as often as they like. * We are capacity driven.  During times that our capacity is reached, we cannot admit anyone - drop-in open play customers or members - until the capacity diminishes.   Extreme weather days (hot, cold, rainy, etc.) and school holidays are busiest, and you are welcome to call ahead and see how busy we are anytime before driving to Chibis. Playground Rules and Policies: Chibis is a SOCKS ONLY playground! Adults & Children must take off their shoes and wear socks! We sell socks for $1 per pair if you forget. Children must be accompanied by a RESPONSIBLE ADULT (aged 18 or older) who must remain on premises at all times. Chibis DOES NOT provide daycare or supervision of children. A signed waiver and rules acknowledgement must accompany each admission. YOUR CHILDREN ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and must obey the playground rules which are posted throughout the playground. Our staff will be present to make sure everyone has a pleasant time by offering polite reminders as necessary. Only adults accompanying children will be admitted. CHIBIS IS A NUT – FREE ZONE! We do allow simple outside food (free from nut products) to be brought into Chibis, but we ask that you avoid restaurant or “fast” food. This is to reduce allergens and messes. Home-packed snacks and simple lunches are best. Think “DRY” foods. We also offer a nice selection of drinks and snacks. SHOES ARE PROHIBITED in all play areas for both children and adults. Upon entering Chibis, there are numbered bins in the reception area. Place all shoes from your group in one bin, and take the bin to the reception counter for admission. You may notice that Chibis Employees wear shoes in the playground – these are our “playground shoes” and have never been worn outside. STROLLERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE PLAYGROUND. Strollers can be parked in the lobby or kept behind the reception desk with your shoe bin. DIAPER BAGS & PURSES can be stored safely with your shoe bin or in a cubby in the lobby. If you keep your bag with you, it MUST stay securely closed and on your person, and ALL FOOD AND DRINK MUST BE REMOVED and stored in a cubby or with your shoe bin! Unattended bags will be brought to the reception desk for safekeeping. PLEASE KEEP ALL FOOD & DRINK IN THE SNACK BAR AREA AND LOBBY. Exception: Pregnant/nursing moms can keep water with them (in a leak proof container) & infants can be fed bottles in the playground. SOCKS ARE TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES by all guests, children and adults alike. If you forget socks, they can be purchased for $1/pair. There is a “sock-optional” policy for infants not yet walking. RESTROOM RULES: Children must always be accompanied into the restrooms – no exceptions. This policy helps to make sure children are washing their hands before returning to the playground, which helps us all stay healthy! It also reduces the risk of clogged toilets, excessive soap usage and little “lakes” forming on the floor. Our customers’ cooperation with this policy is appreciated. Please report any messes or shortages to staff. Please change diapers in the restrooms, not in the playground. CONDUCT: Chibis Indoor Playground is specifically designed for play by children under the age of 8. Respect for the playground and for everyone in it is expected. Anyone conducting themselves in a manner not reflecting this age group will be asked to correct their behavior. If they do not correct their behavior, their entire party will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given for anyone. THE INFANT PLAYGROUND: Children that are over the age of 3 and big enough to enjoy all that the Big Kids Playground has to offer are asked to refrain from playing in the Infant Playground. This will allow the infants to safely enjoy the play space that has been made especially for them. If a parent/guardian has more than one child and their ages overlap between both playground areas, they may stay together in the Infant Playground as long as the older child conducts themselves in a calm, quiet manner and respects the other infants.

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