Angel Card Reading With Psychic|Mediums

ADULTS = $50 [$25 READING + $25 JANE'S plus tax and gratuity].
Experience the thrill of an Angel Card Reading at Jane's Tea House. Join Beth O'Brien and Susan Drummond, renowned psychic/mediums, for this exclusive event. Limited to 20 adults, you'll receive a personal 10-minute Angel Card Reading. As you wait, enjoy a sweet mini dessert plate and warm tea service.


  • Individual 10 minute Angel Card Reading
  • Mini dessert plate
  • Tea service

Angel card reading is a form of divination or spiritual practice that involves using a deck of cards known as angel cards to receive guidance, insights, and messages from angels, spirit guides, or the divine realm. These cards are typically adorned with images of angels, symbols, and messages that are believed to convey spiritual wisdom and guidance. 
Some people believe that angel card readings can help individuals connect with their intuition, receive spiritual guidance, and gain clarity on their life path or decisions they need to make. It's important to note that angel card readings are considered a form of spiritual guidance and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.


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