Cooking Date night Demonstration

Brews and Bites with Vice & Virtue - $95


  • Cocktail Reception: "The Love Potion" Raspberry Berliner Veisse
    • Oysters on the Half Shell
  • Course 1: White Lie Pilsner
    • Indonesian Seafood Gulai - white fish, mussels, coconut
  • Course 2: Sunday Funday Tropical Session Ale
    • Korean Pork Belly - cabbage, gochujang 
  • Course 3: Brave New World NEIPA
    • Pan Roasted Elk Bavette - celeriac puree, pine emulsion
  • Course 4: Sweet Salivation Tonka Bean Chocolate Stout
    • Chocolate Mousse - lime crema, galangal, basil sorbet

Indulge in an evening of exceptional flavours and craftmanship at our exclusive Brewmaster's Dinner featuring the distinguished beers of Vice & Virtue in Kelowna. As the sun dips below the horizon, join us for a captivating Cocktail Reception, where "The Love Potion," a tantalizing Raspberry Berliner Veisse, sets the stage for an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Amidst the soft glow of the venue, begin your epicurean voyage with Course 1, gracefully paired with Vice and Virtue's White Lie Pilsner. Be transported to the vibrant streets of Indonesia as you savour the Indonesian Seafood Gulai, an exquisite medley of white fish and mussels cocooned in a luscious coconut-infused broth. The Pilsner's crisp notes harmonize with the dish's delicate flavours, creating a symphony on your palate.

Continue your odyssey with Course 2, accompanied by the effervescent Sunday Funday Tropical Session Ale. Revel in the bold and playful flavours of Korean Pork Belly, tender and succulent, enveloped in a tantalizing gochujang glaze. The beer's tropical hints accentuate the dish's complexity, inviting you to relish each bite.

As the night unfolds, the spotlight shifts to Course 3, a crescendo of taste and texture. Vice and Virtue's Brave New World NEIPA stands tall beside the Pan Roasted Elk Bavette. Immerse yourself in the bold, hop-forward character of the NEIPA, a striking counterpart to the rich, tender Elk Bavette. The dish's celeriac puree and pine emulsion echo the beer's aromatic depth, creating a truly captivating duet of flavours.

And now, as we approach the pinnacle of our Brewmaster's Dinner, Course 4 introduces a symphony of decadence that will leave your taste buds astir. Paired with the luscious Sweet Salivation Tonka Bean Chocolate Stout, this dessert course redefines indulgence.

Throughout this enchanting evening, you'll witness the meticulous artistry of Vice & Virtue's brewers come to life with each course and beer pairing. 

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