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Homemade Pasta: Virtual Cooking Class

Join Chef Stacy for a virtual online cooking class as we make FRESH PASTA! We will be making fettuccine and pappardelle with a pasta machine PLUS tips on how to make by hand. You will also learn how to make a tomato basil and pesto sauce from scratch. It's going to be delicious!

Prior to the class you will receive a shopping list and recipes to cook along with Chef Stacy in real time. You can also watch this class as a demonstration and make the recipes on your own time. Both cooking experiences are through Zoom and are available to watch and re-watch for 7 days after the class. Either experience you choose, we promise fun and good food!


  • Handmade Pasta
  • Tomato and Basil Sauce
  • Walnut Arugula Pesto Sauce

Skills covered in class:

    • ​how to use a pasta machine​
    • how to make pasta without a machine
    • what is extra virgin olive oil
    • cooking with tomatoes
    • pesto variations

    Feed Your Soul virtual classes will have you and your chef instructor cooking together in real time. Or, if preferred, enjoy the class as an engaging demonstration with the flexibility to prepare the dishes on your own. Either way, you will gain a full understanding of the techniques.

    Upon signup you will receive a recipe packet complete with a detailed equipment list, shopping list, and any preparation needed prior to the class (measuring ingredients ahead of time, etc). 

    Whether cooking along or watching as a demonstration, a Zoom moderator will make sure all of your questions are answered live by the chef either during or after class.


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