Paint and Play

Little Beans Cafe
430 Asbury, Evanston, IL 60201

This sensory art class will allow you to explore art alongside your little artist. A variety of materials and processes will be introduced to promote fine motor skills and creative play. Process based art projects will focus on the joy of creating in addition to the final product. Offered for children 15months- 4 years with a caregiver.

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Cancellation Policy: Payments are eligible for a 95% refund up-to 72-hours before the event start time. Safety: The parents of the event guests are completely responsible for the well-being and behavior of their minor child while on the LBC premises, or in the classroom. Conduct: Little Beans Cafe reserves the right to ask any child or adult during the event found to be destructive and/or abusive to any other guests (whether event guests or not), LBC staff or employees to immediately leave LBC property. Personal Property: Little Beans is not responsible for any of its Guests personal property. It is the sole responsibility of each person entering into the facility and Little Beans premises to be responsible for all possessions and belongings unless pre-arranged with LBC and/or its staff. Waivers: Each event guest is required to sign a Little Beans Risk and Acknowledgement Waiver prior to the cooking class.

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