Glow Zone Birthday Party!!

The Skatin' Place is a fantastic birthday party venue, offering classic roller skating fun and modern entertainment. With options for laser tag, bounce houses, and an arcade filled with games, it's a place where memories are made.

Your room is reserved for 120 minutes. After your reserved time, you can leave the birthday room and continue celebrating.

This room has a blacklight space theme with a party fog/light machine! The room will come with blacklight reflective utensils and glow sticks. Fill free to bring your blacklight body paint and reactive garments to make your party unforgettable!

This page is for reservations to the private party room during our public session.
For a shared space party during our public sessions, click here.
For the private party room during the Friday Unlimited session, click here.
For a private Skatin' Place during our closed times, click here

Note: The room Capacity Limit is 25.


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