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(NYC) Baking Boot Camp for Amateurs

This hands-on, skills-based series covers the basic baking techniques you'll need to feel comfortable being called upon to "bring a dessert" to your next gathering. Or at the very least, understand a lot more of what is happening on the Great British Bake Off.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not required that you take our first Baking Boot Camp for Beginners, but it is worth checking out that curriculum too to see which (or both!) you'd like to learn.

This program meets every week for 4 weeks.

WEEK 1: Cookies 101
SKILLS COVERED: Slice and Bake vs. Drop Cookies; Shortbread 101; Baking Science: How to Manipulate Cookie Texture
RECIPES INCLUDE: Spiced Soft Ginger Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies (multiple batches to show how different ingredients affect texture); Classic Vanilla Shortbread

WEEK 2: Pies + Tarts
SKILLS COVERED: Working with Pate Sucrée (tart dough); Pastry Cream; Making and Using Fruit Glaze (Nappage); Caramelized Sugar; Working with Puff Pastry
RECIPES INCLUDE: Individual Fresh Fruit Tarts; Apple Tarte Tatin

WEEK 3: Savory Baking
SKILLS COVERED: Flaky Doughs; Quiche 101; Pâte à Choux Pastry Dough
RECIPES INCLUDE:  Cheddar-Rosemary Scones with Fruit Compote, Seasonal Quiche, Gougères with Gruyère Cheese

WEEK 4: Cakes
Building Batters, Butter vs. Oil Cakes, Making Swiss Meringue Buttercream; Cream Cheese Frosting; Assembling a Double Layer Cake
RECIPES INCLUDE: Chocolate Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Individual Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


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