4-day Summer Cooking Camp for Junior Chefs (9-14): Harry's Magical Kitchen!


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Culinary Wizardry Professor Tracy Blizman
Class Description: Join us for a fantastical 4-day summer cooking camp for young chefs (ages 9-14) who love the journey of Harry, Ron, Hermione and all the kids at Hogwarts School as you learn how to make enchanting foods fit for a wizard. Professor Tracy Blizman, a self-professed Potterhead, is super excited to teach this magically awesome cooking series. You’ll gather in the CCKC Great Hall Kitchen where she’ll teach dazzling culinary wizardry (aka essential cooking techniques). You’ll learn an array of enchanting dishes like Hagrid’s Rock Cakes, Chocolate Frogs (you heard me), Potter House Cakes (think Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and the like!) and so much more! Oh, and you’ll leave with all the recipes so you recreate the yummy dishes at home and show off to your friends and family.  Hey kids… sign up right away! 

Day 1 Welcome to Professor Tracy’s School of Kitchen Witchcraft and Culinary Wizardry! We’ll start with the basics of castle cooking as we create Ham & Cheese Howlers and learn the techniques for making a perfect crust.  Every decent Quidditch player will need plenty of carbs for the games against the dark lords, so Professor Tracy will imbue us with spells in the breadmaking department as we create one of Dumbledore’s favorites - Magic Monkey Bread.  It’s hard work cooking for a bunch of kids in a castle so we’ll break out the cauldrons and create a Summer Ice Potion made with watermelon.  Lastly, it’s all about the Cockroach Clusters.  You’ll have to take the class to be able to say you ate these delicious creepy crawly cookies.  

Day 2 Today, we’ll decide if you are a Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Gryffindor. No sorting hat? No problem! We’ll make our very own as Professor Tracy walks us through the ins and outs of baking her Sorting Hat Cookies. Hogwarts students know better than anyone that we need something other than sugar to get us through our spells and studies, so we’ll face our spidery fears with some Aragog Arachnid meatballs and tantalizing tomato gravy and mashed potatoes. To finish off our day of magical scholarship, we’ll cool off with an ice-cold Summer Brew Butterbeer. Shh – don’t tell Professor Snape about our trip to The Leaky Cauldron!

Day 3 We hope you remember what Professor Tracy taught you about making a magical fire ( because today is all about baking! First, we’ll practice what we learned in yesterday’s bewitched baking lesson by whipping up some Charmed Cupcakes! Next, we’ll hop on the Hogwarts Express to learn how to make their famous Chocolate Frogs. After such a long and tiresome journey to the muggle world, we’ll need some sustenance to get us up on our broomsticks in the morning. So, Professor Tracy will show us how to cook up some scrumptious Spooky Slytherin Sticks with tasty homemade tomato sauce. Finally, we’ll get started on our super-secret Dragon’s Egg Egg Bake. Just don’t let Hagrid know we had to borrow one of his eggs!

Day 4 Congratulations, young wizard! You’ve made it to the last day of Professor Tracy’s School of Kitchen Witchcraft and Culinary Wizardry. To prepare for your graduation into the wizarding world, we’ll begin decorating to make sure all of our preparations are in tip-top shape. Professor Tracy will start by showing us how to make some fantastical frosting for the cupcakes we made on Day 3, so don’t forget your aprons and be sure to study up on your creativity charms! Next, we’ll cook up the Dragon’s Egg Egg Bake and give Hagrid a big thank-you by making his favorite: Hagrid’s Rock Cakes. We’ll need something salty after all those sweet treats, so we’ll finish up with some powerful Patronus Popcorn Balls to protect us from the Dementors. Be sure to take what you’ve learned at the School of Kitchen Witchcraft and Culinary Wizardry with you when you leave – you never know when you’ll have to fight off the horrors of Voldemort’s empty refrigerator!


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