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Legendary Kansas City Restaurant Cuisine - 04/17/2024

Legendary Kansas City Restaurant Cuisine
Hands-On | Dinner | Paired Margaritas
Wednesday 04/17/2024
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Executive Chef (and Gilbert/Robinson Corporate Chef) Richard McPeake
Adults 21+

Class Description:

Tonight we step into the way-back machine with Executive Chef Richard McPeake as he dives deep into the world of local culinary history with our visit to two iconic Kansas City restaurants from the 70’s & 80’s: Sam Wilson’s Meat Market and Annie's Santa Fe, both owned by the Gilbert/Robinson Company. Chef should know - he designed the menus and dishes for these restaurants, among so many other famous KC establishments. Sam Wilson's Meat Market opened in Overland Park, KS in 1972 and was styled after a late 19th Century general store. It was known for its meats (Chef will explain why) and a killer salad bar complete with a giant slice-it-yourself cheese wheel. Annie's Santa Fe, one of the first Tex-Mex style restaurants of its kind, had several locations, but it was the Oak Park Mall location that we remember for its tasty tacos as well as being a social hot-spot for young Kansas Citians. Chef Richard will begin our step back in time journey with none other than the amazing Annie's Sante Fe Margarita along with White Corn Tortilla Chips & Smokey Salsa. Up next is Sam Wilson's famous Pea & Cheese Salad. Our trip stops next for those unbelievable Made From Scratch Beef & Cheese Empanadas with Sweet Corn Spoon Bread that was so popular on the Annie's menu. After that is the Teriyaki Steak Kabobs made famous at Sam Wilson's. For something iconic and sweet, we'll end the evening with Deep Fried Ice Cream created for and on the menus of both of these restaurants! Along the way, Chef Richard regales us with stories that only he knows and insights as to how these dishes came about at these beloved restaurants, and you'll get the chance to work alongside Chef Richard as you help prepare some of his treasured classics. There will be margaritas paired with some of the dishes this evening as well. We hope you’ll join us for this unique night of excellent cuisine, fond food memories, and a fabulous culinary experience.


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