Party Reservations (Barrhaven)

Plan your party with us—ceramic painting or canvas painting, in-studio or online; continue below to book in-studio.

In-Studio Packages are listed below...
All bookings include our private party room and washroom, and a private instructor.CREATIVE CERAMIC PARTY: $269- 8 painters ($28 per extra painter)
- 1 hour 45 minutes ($25 per extra 30mins)
- Choice of Ceramic Piece up to $32 value

- 8 Painters ($28 per extra painter)
- 1 hour 45 minutes ($25 per extra 30mins)
- Choice of Ceramic Piece up to $38 in value

CANVAS PARTY: $268  for 12" by 12" canvas / $298 for 16" by 20" canvas
- Group Step-by-Step Painting (canvas design selection can be found on the main party page) or Freestyle (no pre-drawn design)- $25 for a custom design by our Art Instructor
- 8 Painters
- 2 hours ($25 per extra 30mins)*If you are requesting a custom canvas design please email us with your request with at least a week in advance so we have enough time to create the design and trace onto canvas.

Paint a Bearbrick : $259 for 8 kids (Email us to book a Paint a Bearbrick party)

  • Limited time only, please contact us before booking it ( Email:
  • ​8 painters, $28 per extra painter ​
  • BearBrick for each painter
  • 1 hour 45 minutes ($25 per extra 30mins)
  • Available on January 1st 2024

At time of booking, we will take a $68 deposit. The remainder of the party cost will be paid on the day-of. The deposit cannot be refunded, but can be used as store-credit or to reschedule.

* If you would like to serve snacks please note that this may require additional time.
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