Abstract Healing: Art Therapy for All with Julian


-Wednesdays June 10 - July 1

-Thursdays July 2 - 23


Therapeutic/ expressionary value
I will be creating an open platform for you to be able to express yourself in unimaginable ways thus experiencing deep sense of contentment and connection with the creative you

Scribble Drawing (2)

Therapeutic/ expressionary value

This project is really quick and open ended, thus encouraging you to think spontaneously and with a wild imagination. The project is very stress-free so you can do this just to warm up or just to get your mind going.

Zentangles (3) 
Project description: A Zentangle drawing is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns-- almost like a complex doodling strategy.

Therapeutic/ expressionary value
Firstly, repetitive creative work, in and of itself, can be calming and self-soothing. It’s also simple-- zentangle art only requires a black pen and paper so you can do it just about anywhere. Lastly, using a pen on paper requires that you risk making mistakes; in fact, most tangle art has at least some misplaced lines which cannot be erased. Tangling teaches you how to incorporate what seem like “mistakes” into the overall pattern of the design.

If I were a superhero (4)
Project description: You will draw yourself as superheroes. 

Therapeutic/ expressionary value
The goal is to help you stretch your imagination by identifying certain abilities that you would want in an alternate world. While some of these abilities may have no reason beyond seeming “cool,” others that you choose may have deeper meanings. For example, some wishing for the power to be invisible may want to escape from the negative attention that they feel. It is also supposed to inspire you to be a little bit more like the magical Superhero-like version of yourself in everyday life, both for yourself and the people around you.


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