Cooking with Shellfish


The Culinary Center of Kansas City
7920 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park,

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Cooking with Shellfish
Hands On | Food & Wine Tasting
Chef Richard McPeake

Class Description:
If you’re a lover of all things seafood and want to learn the proper techniques to cook shellfish to perfection, you won’t want to miss this very special 3-hour master class that you simply will not find anywhere else! 

Kansas City has some great local resources when it comes to accessing fresh shellfish. And you’re in luck because we have access to one of the best Seafood Chefs in the business! Longtime CCKC instructor, Chef Richard McPeake, has developed a passion for seafood over the years with extensive experience at some of the best seafood restaurants in the country. Did you know that he’s designed many of the original recipes for the Bristol Bar & Grill, right here in KC. Yep, it’s true, so you can rest assured you’ll be learning from a real pro.

Tonight, he’ll share his expertise and show you how to buy, clean & shuck shellfish, oysters, and shrimp. Chef will explore a variety of cooking techniques while teaching you how to properly pan sear, how to deglaze for flavor infusion – also a lesson on how to make a N’Awlin’s-style remoulade sauce.

We’ll learn while helping Chef prepare some of tonight’s delicious seafood dishes like Seared Shrimp with whipped Scampi Butter, Fried Oysters with a fresh made N’Awlins-style remoulade sauce, Crab Cakes with Black Bean Relish and char-grilled Fresh Oysters with White Wine Scallion and Garlic Butter. Ayeee! 

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