Clay Handbuilding Table Reservation

Handbuilding with clay involves creating without the use of a pottery wheel.Please read the entire description prior to booking- This is not booking for Pottery Wheel Throwing. Visit the calendar for wheel throwing class.

Clay handbuilding is a pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools using clay  handbuilding techniques such as coil structures, slab construction, and pinch pots. The sky is the limit as to what you can make . If you're interested in trying hand building yourself, all you need is to come to our art studio in McDonough, GA, take some clay and drum up some creative inspiration. Hand-built pottery tends to look more rustic and rough around the edges than pottery thrown on a wheel, which makes handbuilding so unique. 

What you Get:

    • 1lbs  clay
    • Use of studio tools
    • Use of wet clay paint to paint same day - approximately 13 colors to select from. 
    • includes 1 firing  and glazing
    • *ON RARE OCCASION clay projects may not survive the kiln firing process for one reason or another and accidents happen in the kiln. If this happens, we will credit you 1/2 of the cost of your creative experience as a store credit.   

If you would like to return to the studio after first firing and have access to additional or speciality paints there is a $15 return fee;

Common FAQs:

  • Are classes required before creating? No previous classes needed, BUT previous clay experience is recommended to walk in and play with clay as this is not an instructor led class or workshop.  We will provide basic written guide sheet to assist in your building. 

What am I paying for?  1lbs of clay, Studio time, painting with special wet pottery glazes, or you can request fired to bisque with or without  clear glaze (paint same day with Wet Clay Glazes or  fired to bisque you pick up and paint at home with your own paints and paint with acrylic paint after firing)  1- 2 firings and clear glazing

Do I need to make a reservation? 

  • Reservations are encouraged, as clay set up takes longer than other projects. and helps to keep us organized as we now operate with limited seating arrangements but not necessary - you an walk-in and play with clay.

  • How much clay do we get? Clay is sold by the pound, and you can make up to 2 small items per pound or 1 medium size item ( small or thin pieces may not survive the firing process: $30 per pound includes painting with wet clay paints (limited colors) the item on the day created and up to 2 firings if painted with pottery glazes.  

  • Is clay building all ages? Good for ages 6 and up. Younger ages with the assistance of an adult
  • Seating Availability - Due to limited seating, we request that your table reservation does not include more than two non-participants. Each non- participant over the allowed two will be charged a studio fee of $15. If you know in advance of the reservation you can pay in advance for non-painters (no refunds or store credit for no shows) or you will be charged at checkout for each non-participating person; does not include kids under age 5.

  • What can we build?  You can create anything you can imagine; you can come in knowing what you want to create, or check out our clay projects. we provide a written guide sheets to help you create a masterpieces that will survive the kiln firing process if painting with pottery glazes.  Please note that clay is a science and we cant predict if your built piece will not fall apart  or break apart; we encourage you to make larger pieces and to take time to properly attach pieces.

  • When do we get the finished product back? You get finished items back in 3-4 weeks if painted with pottery glaze.  we will contact you when you item is ready for pick up if painted with pottery glazes. (drying time varies).  You have the option to take your clay creation home and let it air dry and paint  with your own paints and home with acrylic paint - no firing required.  

  • What if my creations breaks or is damaged in the firing process?  *ON RARE OCCASIONS clay projects may not survive the kiln firing process for one reason or another and accidents happen in the kiln. If this happens, we will credit you 1/2 of the cost of your creative experience as a store credit.   


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