Kids Private party


Birthday Parties at The Art Shack

Cost: $18 per kid ($20 for tie-dye)

You get the entire space dedicated to your party!

This includes all supplies needed to make project. An instructor led project. A small goody bag for each child.

Choice of Project:

  • 8x10 or 9x12 canvas painting
  • T-shirt tie dying ($3 extra per kid) 
  • 6” dream catcher 
  • 8x10 splatter painting with stencil
  • Watercolor painting with stencil
  • Story time Art for younger kids

Number of Kids:
20 kids is recommended max (there is no minimum)
Total number of people 35-40 (only have 35 seats and 12 parking spots)

Time Allotted:
Up to 2 hours

  • One hour for project 
  • One hour for birthday activities such as cake/treat, singing, gift openingFood/drinks: Food is allowed, please bring plates, napkins and plasticware. Drinks must be in individual servings such as juice boxes or pouches, water bottles, cans etc.. No cups allowed due to spills (Prefer no popcorn due to mess) 

CLEAN UP FEE: $25 non refundable fee for every party to cover additional cleaning 

NEW RULE: NO CONFETTI! No confetti canyons, no poppers, no confetti on tables. If you or a guest violate this rule you will be charged an extra $75 cleaning fee. 


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