Harry Potter LEGO Camp

Experience the magic of the wizarding world at the Harry Potter Summer Camp, where young witches and wizards embark on an enchanting adventure filled with spells, potions, and camaraderie. Nestled in a magical location reminiscent of the Hogwarts grounds, campers are immersed in the captivating universe created by J.K. Rowling. The camp begins with the Sorting Hat ceremony, where participants are sorted into their respective houses, setting the stage for friendly competition and collaboration throughout the program.

One highlight of the Harry Potter Summer Camp is the cinematic journey through the wizarding series.  Campers also engage in hands-on activities, such as crafting and building iconic sets from the Harry Potter collection. From constructing Hagrid's Hut to replicating the intricate details of Diagon Alley, these creative endeavors allow participants to bring the enchanting world of Harry Potter to life, fostering a sense of connection and shared passion among the budding witches and wizards

Kids ages 5+ will collaborate together to build Hogwarts castle along with other sets inspired by the story of Harry Potter. $325for the full week of camp.

Campers will be provided with a Camp T-Shirt, take home item and Master Builder Certificate. Campers must bring their own lunch Monday thru Friday....Pizza Party and parent celebration on Friday afternoon.


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