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Golden Moon Studio

Kids Camps Class Kid (6+) Kids/Teen 7-12

Welcome to our Art & Fun after-school program! 

Join us in our beautiful studio space here in Downtown San Mateo for visual art based lessons and instruction. Our curriculum is curated through a combination of art history, encouraging self-expression, and the exploration of artistic techniques including drawing, painting, collage, mixed-media, and…

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I have read and agreed to the Acknowledgement of Risk and Behavior Agreement. I recognize and appreciate the dangers, hazards, risks associated with participation in the program activities. I understand that the dangers, hazards and risks of the program activities could include serious or even fatal injuries and property damage. I acknowledge that I have fully considered the dangers, hazards, risks associated with my ‘Child(ren)’s participation in the program activities. I give my consent and approval for my ‘Child(ren)’s participation in the studio activities. Assumption of Risk/Waiver of Liability: As legal guardian of the below-named persons, I HEREBY RELEASE, DISCHARGE, COVENANT NOT TO SUE, AND AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS Golden Moon Studios on my own behalf and the behalf of my child(ren) and our respective instructors, employees or other representatives, whether paid or volunteer. I have read and understand, and will at all times, abide by and have my child abide by rules, regulations, and policies as set forth by the studio. I gave my permission for the child(ren) to attend walkable distance field trips and picnics. I understand that one of the purposes of field trips and/or picnics is to encourage outdoor time and fun activities. I recognize and appreciate the dangers, hazards, risks associated with participation in the field trip and/or picnic. First aid will be available at the field trip or picnic or the program activities. I understand that if serious illness or injury occurs the emergency contact(s) listed will be notified.
Students are asked to dress informally with casual, comfortable clothing. Be sure to wear clothes you do not mind getting colorful mistakes. Nut Free Food - We are going to provide snacks (ex: carrots, popcorns). Also students can bring their own snacks from home with Nut Free items. Golden Moon Studios is a NUT-FREE environment. ​ Holidays or Program closure day (No After School program ) Labor Day Monday, September 5th 2022 Tuesday, September 13th 2022 Indigeneous People’s Day Monday, October 10th 2022 Veteran's Day Friday, November 11th 2022 Thanksgiving Break Thursday, November 24th - Friday November 25th 2022 Winter Break Monday December 26th 2022 - January 6th Friday 2023 Refunds Cancellation Policy: The Golden Moon Studios do not issue refunds for missed classes. If you miss a class, please email the studio manager to arrange a makeup class with your child’s teacher. Cancellation requests must be made in writing via email to the studio at least 14 days prior to the first class date. “No shows” or cancellation requests with less than 24 hours notice are not eligible for make-up class. Due to careful planning, supply ordering, and preparation, cancellations and rescheduled with less than 14 days notice cannot be accommodated. The studio reserves the right to cancel a class. In the event of a studio-canceled class, a full refund will be issued. Class package - The Studio will refund your tuition paid, less a $30 cancellation fee if you cancel more than 7 days before the start date of a class For Drop ins - There are no refunds Missed Classes & Make-up classes - We encourage students to attend all classes on time but we understand that students will be absent due to various circumstances. We recommend that students register for a make-up class within the same week for project consistency. Also, we offer a total of 2 free makeup classes per semester (per student). Guests - In order to not disturb the class, only registered students can stay in the classroom. Pick-up and Drop-off - Parents / guardians are required to accompany students when arriving and departing. Please drop off and pick up your child on time. If a child is not picked up at their registered departure time, a late fee will be applied. Late Fees : parents will be charged a per-child late fee of $10 for arrival between 5:16 and 5:21PM. And after, 1 dollar for each additional minute. Restroom - Children must be able to use the restroom independently, as no assistance will be provided. Sick Child Policy The health and safety of students are a matter of major importance to all of us. If your child(ren) becomes ill in our program, we will call you and you must make arrangements to pick up your camper IMMEDIATELY. Sick children cannot be with other campers. If we send your camper(s) home with a fever (over 100.4 F) they may not return until they have been without a fever for 24 hours. This means if we send your camper home on Tuesday, they may not return until Thursday. Please keep your camper(s) home if your child(ren) has, Had a fever in the previous 24 hour period Temperature of 100.0 F degrees or above A cold that is less than two day old A constant cough Recurrent vomiting or diarrhea (2 or more times) Photo Release May we photograph or Video your child with their art for publication in web sites, social media, brochures and other informational tools. I give permission to Golden Moon Studios, to use photos taken of my child(ren) and artworks. As Parent / Guardian of my child(ren), I hereby authorize Golden Moon Studios to use photographs of my Child(ren) and her or his art works. I understand that my child(ren) and artworks may be photographed during program hours. I understand that these photos may be used to promote Golden Moon Studios programs & services both in print (flyers, postcards, etc..) and online platforms (Website, Social media, etc..). I understand that I claim no copyrights to these photos and I will receive no payment for the release of these photos . Also, it is to my understanding that my child(ren)’s name will not be used or shown with the pictures.
Behavior Agreement In order for everyone to enjoy the program, we must have an understanding of what is expected for each person. We are asking every parent to go over the following list of behaviors and disciplines with his/her child(ren). Students should conduct themselves in a respectful manner with both fellow students and instructors. Children may be removed from the program at the discretion of the instructor or using rude language to classmates. 1. Respect authority. Students will not talk back with loud, rude language to an adult or each other. When a child needs correction, it will be done immediately in a constructive, positive, redirecting manner. 2. Respect everyone’s safety. Students will not endanger the safety of self or others. If a camper hits, bites, or otherwise knowingly inflicts harm upon another child, his/her parent will be notified to pick up his/her child immediately. It will be decided by the lead teacher and parents when the camper may return to camp. 3. Respect your own safety. Students must stay together with a teacher or staff all the time. Students will not be allowed to go outside of the facility or field trip area without permission or adult (teacher/staff or parents)’s supervision. 4. Respect everyone’s feelings. No verbal abuse or threats will be tolerated. If a child uses words that are belittling, emotionally injuring or threatening to another person, the parents will be notified and a meeting will be required within 48 hours. 5. Respect property. If a child knowingly damages or mishandles property that does not belong to her/him, the parents will be notified and a meeting may be required depending on the severity or repetition of the behavior. It will be up to the program’s manager(s) to decide if restitution is needed. I have read and understand, and will at all times, abide by and have my child abide by rules, regulations, and policies as set forth by the studio.

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