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Mommy & Me Painting Class - Owl Always Love You

Welcome to the Mommy & Me Painting Class - Owl Always Love You

Hello there, art lovers! Come make yourself comfy at Art Bend's favorite gathering, the Mommy & Me Painting Class - Owl Always Love You.

Getting Crafty Together
Our class is more than just splashing paint on a canvas. It's about making memories, sharing laughs, and stepping into the creative world side by side:
  • Fearless Exploration: Here, moms and kiddos get to express themselves freely, dabbling with colors, patterns, and imagination.
  • Hands-on Fun: Under the guidance of our friendly teachers, you'll both not only create art, but also improve fine motor skills while you're at it.
Making Art, Creating Bonds
The class is organized in such a fun way: each of you will paint a fabulous owl. When placed side by side, they turn into one stunning piece of art, a symbol of your unique bond.

No Mess, We Promise!
Don't worry about bringing a thing! In the 2-hour session, we've got all the supplies ready for you:
  • Ready-to-use canvas
  • Plenty of vibrant paints
  • Brushes in different sizes
  • Cute aprons to keep your clothes clean
Ready to Have Some Fun?
Let's add some colors and joy to your routine at the Mommy & Me Painting Class - Owl Always Love You. It's more than a class, it's an event full of love, creativity, and shared joy.

So come on down, bring your partner in crime, and let's create some artwork filled with love! You might just find your next favorite thing to do together. See you there! 🎨💕


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