2024 Summer Camp Rumriver Ruffians: Adventurer Training: 8/5-8/9, 9:00am –12:00pm

Rumriver Ruffians: Adventurer Training

Ages 6 - 12

8/5-8/9, 9:00am –12:00pm

$140 + $25 material fee

Costumes encouraged.
Let’s go save a dragon! What? You don’t know how… you don’t have a sword! Bah, then let’s get you geared up and trained as an adventurer. Rumriver Ruffians is looking for new recruits. Train to use a foam sword. Forge your own cardboard armor. Learn to harness magic and unlock your hero within!
You’ll learn basic fencing, cardboard crafting and team building. At the end of the camp the Rumriver Ruffians will go on their first quest, training complete, gear made… they are ready! Part of each day will be spent outside.


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