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Kids 'N Shape Queens
162-26 Cross Bay Blvd
Howard Beach, NY 11414
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Birthday Parties are legendary at Kids ‘N Shape and are one of the reasons we’ve been in business since 1989. Unlike many other party venues, we give our customers a private experience with exclusive use of the entire facility for their family and guests

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Children under 3 years old and birthday child are free. Children from 3 to 12 years old are counted towards the party price. 40 child maximum – seating for 60 total guests. Included: invitations, pizza for all children in attendance, drinks for everyone in attendance, ice cream cake, air filled balloon for each child in attendance, and paper goods for all children needs.
We appreciate you choosing Kids ‘N Shape for your child’s birthday party celebration. Our hope is that your party will be both memorable and entertaining. To help ensure the best possible experience please adhere to the following:
1. Please arrive 5-15 minutes before your party is scheduled to allow time for check in, as well as to bring in any supplies.
2. The remaining balance of your party is due at the scheduled end time of the party, determined by how many children are in attendance.
3. The party facility is only accessible for the scheduled time block.
4. Prohibited Items Include: Confetti, Chair Covers, as well as all forms of Outside Entertainment or Equipment that has not been pre-approved.
5. Please be advised that we do not have ice, but you are free to bring some. We will have available catered food when ordered in advance, but also feel free to bring in your own food, as long as it is approved by a facility host prior to the party.
6. As guests arrive, parents/guardians will be required to sign a standard release form for all participating children. NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE PLAY OR BOUNCE AREA UNTIL A RELEASE FORM IS SIGNED BY THE CHILD’S PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN.
7. A party host and assistants will be assigned to your party. They will assist you with any questions/concerns that may arise. They will assist in papers setup, serving the food to children, drinks for children and clean up throughout the party.
8. There is no obligation for gratuity, but it is appreciated if you feel the staff did an extraordinary job.

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