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(Virtual) "Great British Bake Off" Classics!

Who doesn't love watching "Great British Bake Off"? We are huge fans ourselves, so we decided to help you recreate the famed tent in your own kitchen! We'll brew a pot of tea to drink together while we learn the baking techniques behind some of the show's signature desserts.

  • Victoria Sandwich Cake with Raspberry Jam and Whipped Cream
  • Savory Scones with British Condiments and Sharp English Cheddar
  • A Pot of English Breakfast Tea (or your tea of choice)

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a standing or hand-held electric mixer for this class in order to achieve the right texture on the Victoria Sandwich Cake. If you don't have one, plan ahead and borrow one (and pay that lovely person back with an excellent slice of cake!). 


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