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  • Plan to arrive within 15 minutes of the start of your chosen time slot
  • Play sessions last for 3 hours* and can be extended, at no charge, if we are not at capacity*
  • Call 317.815.5711 if you need to cancel or will be…

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Besides myself I am also bringing to the cafe...

There is no charge for adding infants & adults to your reservation. They will not count against the total number of players in the cafe.

What brings you in to The Chalkboard today?

Take note- if you are reserving for a special event or class, not included with cafe admission, go back to our calendar and click on the reservation in the event description. ie. BABIES PLAY MUSIC or TODDLERS PLAY MUSIC, URBAN YOGIS or FAMILY NIGHT

Required Reading

-A waiver must be completed for each infant & child I will be bringing with me to The Urban Chalkboard. Complete your waiver before arrival- PLAY WAIVER
-Cancellation- Call 317.815.5711 or Email michelle@theurbanchalkboard.com to cancel your reservation
-Your cafe tab will reflect a $10 charge for each child at or over 9 months of age.

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