Collage Artist Badge

No matter what you do with your collage, there won’t be another just like it in the world. Everything - from the materials you choose to how it’s assembled - is up to you. Get ready to see the creative possibility in everyday objects: This badge is an opportunity to make art as unique as you are.

1. Explore collage.

2. Focus on composition.

3. Create with color.

4. Use found objects.

5. Share a message.

Collage art is made with various materials that may include string, fabric, newspaper, photos, cardboard, paintings and drawings and putting them together with glue or other bonding material. Found objects can be included like bottle caps, paper clips, sea shells, flowers, keys, and jewelry components. 
All supplies necessary will be supplied, however; please feel free to bring in any components you would like to include it your art piece. 

Scouts will earn Senior Badge-Collage

Girl Scout Ages 14-16 Grades 9-10

$18 per scout

If you would like us to provide badges, there will be an additional $3.75 each

A $50 Deposit will hold your date.


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