Bonsai 101

​283 N Hubbard St Suite 142
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

This fun and exciting workshop is perfect for anyone who has an interest in the art of bonsai and would like to learn more about them while creating your own. Green Thumbs are not required!!!  WHAT THE CLASS COVERS • The history of bonsai – Who, What…

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ACTIVITIES: The activities at the Program may include, but are not necessarily limited to: ∞ Low-energy activities such as: coding, robotics and electronics, computer skills, design and engineering. ∞ High energy activities such as: open recreation periods at local parks. ∞ Transportation to off-site activities, including bus, subway, car or on foot RISKS: Participation in the Program including each of the activities involves a risk of injury or death and/or damage to or loss of property. Participants must assume these risks. All of the risks cannot be listed on this Form, but may include the possible conduct of other participants, whether it is negligent or intentional. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT & ASSUMPTION OF RISK I accept any and all risks, including the risk of injury or death and/or damage to or loss of property associated with Participant’s participation in the Program. I hereby provide my full, voluntary and informed consent to the Participant’s participation in the Program. 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I understand that despite all reasonable precautions being in place to provide proper organization, supervision and equipment for all Activities, circumstances may arise which are not foreseeable or which are beyond GIzmo-CdA, Inc control. I understand and acknowledge that GIzmo-CdA, Inc is not responsible for any damages caused by the delay or failure to perform or complete any activities or to provide any aspect of the Program when such delay or failure is due to fires, strikes, floods, acts of God, lawful acts of public authorities, or delays or defaults caused by common carriers, which cannot reasonably be foreseen or provided against. RULES AND REGULATIONS I acknowledge that Gizmo-Cda, Inc has a policy of “I’ll come. I’ll make something. I’ll help others and stay safe.” I have explained to Participant that they must use the facilities, tools, and materials in a safe way, and to alert fellow participants, mentors, and/or program leaders when facilities, tools, and materials are being used in a way that could cause harm to themselves or others. I acknowledge that parents are not allowed to sit in on classes, unless previously agreed in writing. I acknowledge that while participants are welcome to use their own accounts for Scratch, Minecraft and other programs used in the Program’s classes, Gizmo-Cda, Inc is not responsible if the Participant shares their logins and passwords or if logins become known. Gizmo-Cda, Inc will not access Participant’s account without a participant’s permission. Gizmo-Cda, Inc recommends that participants know their logins and that they logout once class has concluded. I acknowledge that if Participant is not able to make it to class one week, I acknowledge that Gizmo-Cda, Inc cannot provide a refund for missed classes. I acknowledge that I am responsible for Participant outside of class. Gizmo-Cda, Inc is open 15 minutes before and after class. I acknowledge that I am responsible for escorting Participant inside and outside of the Gizmo-Cda, Inc facility. I acknowledge that Gizmo-Cda, Inc cannot monitor Participant outside of this 15 minute window before and after class, and Maker Kids will not be held responsible for Participant’s actions outside of stated class times. I acknowledge that any behavioral misconduct will result in immediate removal from the Program with no money refunded. I agree that any violation of the rules of Gizmo-CdA, Inc by the Participant, or any behavior or health status that puts the Participant or others at physical or emotional risk may result in the dismissal of the Participant from the Program at the sole discretion of Gizmo-CdA, Inc. I agree to accept financial responsibility for any costs incurred should the Participant be sent home or dismissed from the Program for any reason. PHOTOS/RECORDINGS I consent to photos and videos of the Participant being captured and displayed at the Program by Gizmo-CdA, Inc for the purpose of informing parents of the day’s activities and their child's progress. These photos/videos may also be used for promotional purposes for the benefit of Gizmo-CdA, Inc without compensation. CANCELLATIONS I acknowledge that the Program may be cancelled if too few people register. I will have the option of the registration being turned into a Gizmo-CdA, Inc credit, or receiving a refund in full. I acknowledge that Gizmo-CdA, Inc offers full refunds for any after-school program or birthday party cancellations more than 15 days in advance of the start date. Summer camp cancellation must be done on or before June 15th. After that point refunds are contingent upon Gizmo-CdA, Inc, Inc being able to fill the seat. I acknowledge that no refunds whatsoever are offered for same-day cancellations. I acknowledge that Gizmo-CdA, Inc will close to the public for weather emergencies. In the case of weather emergency, Gizmo-CdA, Inc staff and volunteers may still access the building, but staff will not be on duty, and classes will be cancelled. Closings will be posted online, and I will be emailed if our class is affected. Gizmo-CdA, Inc will attempt to reschedule any classes cancelled due to emergency, but if Gizmo-CdA, Inc is unable to reschedule or Participant is unable to make the newly scheduled class, Participant will have the option of your registration being turned into a Gizmo-CdA, Inc credit, or receiving a refund in full. I agree to this Cancellation Policy. We agree that any dispute relating to the Participant’s participation in the Program shall be litigated, if at all, in the state of Idaho. I waive any and all rights to participating in a class action lawsuit against Gizmo-CdA, Inc.

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