Drawing & Painting Art Camp

Drawing & Painting 

In this 5 part art camp, students will explore a variety of artistic mediums and techniques including watercolors, markers, acrylics, watercolor and more.   Each day we will work on different projects and will reference diverse artists as inspiration for our art-making. We won't be copying famous artworks, but using them as idea-starters!  Although the students will leave each class with something they created, the focus of this class will be on experimenting with materials and enjoying the pure process and joy of individual art making, instead of creating cookie-cutter art that all looks the same.Some of the artists that we will be looking at  include Romero Britto, Yasoi Kusama, Georgia O'Keeffe, Kehinde Wiley, George Rodrigue, Claude Monet, Bisa Butler, Faith Ringgold,  Dale Chihuly, and Takashi Murakami.  (This is tentative, and may be subject to change depending on the week of summer art, as none will be repeated, but the emphasis WILL NOT BE just .......dead white males!!) So much diversity, so fun and learning! 

We are limiting the class size to only 9 students, ages 7-12
$120 for all 5 sessions, all supplies and tuition included. Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm
Students can bring a drink and snacks if they want!


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